Please be Kind Enough to

Adhere to Our Respiratory Illness Guidelines

COVID-19 Vaccines

We are currently not providing CoVid VACCINES. We refer you to your local participating pharmacy.

If you are experiencing respiratory issues such as cough, sore throat, runny nose, fever, cold or flu like symptoms, we ask that you call reception for an appointment. Reynella Family Care can offer a telehealth consult with a GP or practice nurse or possibly an appointment in the ‘Hot Room’/ Fever Clinic or Respiratory Clinic.

We  can assist you in obtaining a viral PCR for CoVid and respiratory viruses. (As rapid antigen tests are less reliable nor comprehensive)

To keep our most valuable patients and staff safe, if you are unwell, we ask that you wear a surgical mask (not cloth) whilst in the surgery.

WITH CoVid-19 ?
  • You should isolate to decrease the risk of spreading.
  • If you have undertaken a Rapid Antigen Test and returned a positive result, you do not need to get a swab for a PCR test.
  • SA Health is still asking for positive rapid antigen tests to be uploaded using this link:
    Click here.
  • Call your GP on 83 219 099 to organize a phone consultation. We want to know how you are managing at home if you have mild symptoms, and ensure you know what to do if your symptoms worsen. We can also assess your eligibility for antivirals. Antivirals must be started withing 48 hours of symptoms. We have set aside some telephone/telehealth appointments each day for this purpose.
For Our Patients We Offer

Remote Check-in

We offer remote check-in.

Social Distancing

Our spacious waiting areas provide safe distancing. If you are feeling unwell please advise one of the staff.


Hand sanitizer is available.

  • The RFC hosted Commonwealth and SA Health GP respiratory clinic closed February 2023. However If you are an RFC patient and have cold or flu symptoms, and need a PCR swab or if you need to see a GP in our respiratory clinic, our reception team can facilitate your appointment. 
  • If you only need a PCR test, your GP can facilitate your testing through the GP Respiratory Clinic or arrange for a self collected PCR. If you have a + Rapid Antigen Test you do not need to do a PCR. However the PCR viral panel tests for 10 other virus that can give you respiratory symptoms like CoVid (ieInfluenza, RSV, HMV)
  • If you have recovered from COVID-19 and are still experiencing symptoms, please let the reception team know and they will schedule you into the “Hot Room” where your doctor or nurse can see you safely away from our vulnerable patients. We would ask you to please wear a surgical mask while in the Surgery.
Reynella Family Care Respiratory and Fever Clinic

Reynella Family Care Respiratory and Fever Clinic

RFC continues to offer CoVid and respiratory care with a GP/NP assessment for our established SYMPTOMATIC  patients that will include a CoVid 10 and viral panel PCR. This service is by appointment.
Please call 8321-9099 for triage and scheduling.